Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BEA/Web Update

Thanks to all of the kind folks encountered at Book Expo America/in New York City May 31st - June 4th, including the splendid people of Akashic/Hotel St. George (www.akashicbooks.com, www.hotelstgeorgepress.com), Jeff Parker (the author of Ovenman, coming in September from Tin House Books, www.tinhouse.com), Other Press (www.otherpress.com), and old pal Max Magee (www.themillionsblog.com); please check them all out. Also a very special thanks and love overdue to Adam and Ana for showing Joseph that some true grit still does exist there amidst the pucker and the pout.

The website has been updated to include an exclusive Six Organs bit and some other goodies. Click around. More to come, including a Ruecker-penned serious road rambler jam like a hot ghost slicing through the sweet and troubled black of gone east night...