Thursday, August 25, 2011

RSVP--last chance for SLAKE PARTY! 8/26...

Dear Friends,

Atwater Village was once a poppy field where wild ponies danced in the tequila sun. Because the naked spirit lives on, SLAKE is keeping it wild THIS Friday night, August 26th, 2011, 7:30pm until the bottles run dry…

It is SLAKE’s Issue 3 (the “War and Peace” issue!) release PARTY—get down with the brave, the creamy, the brazen and brazed and even the beautiful LA literati, the printed word—that’s right, SLAKE has enough ovaries and balls not only to summon the literary ass-kicking (good, as in badass) we all deserve, but thrust their money into the holy fire and give us what we need in book form, on paper, in our hands, a thousand times worth the salt, and we owe them this much.

RSVP (this is the LAST day to RSVP here for a paltry $5!!) and get your loving asses down to Atwater Crossing, 3245 Casitas Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90039, Friday night. Let the world know you were down before/while the shit hit the fan, and while you’re at it, SUBSCRIBE NOW here. That’s the good thing about this party, is Slake is out here putting on a kick ass show for nothing, man, five bucks a head is nothing…

See you there, scroll below to see ALL you get…

All my very best,

The night will include:

• Complimentary flatbread and wine from Atwater Grill Wood Fire Kitchen and other items for purchase
• Live music and DJ sets by the experimental collective Ojo and the band Old Californio
• Original art on display from Slake No. 3 contributors, including Ingrid Allen, Gregory Bojorquez, Michael Dopp, and Sandow Birk
• A party lounge outfitted by Living Room
• Fried chicken from the Ludotruck for sale
• Complimentary coffee from the superlative local roasters Handsome Coffee
• Hot dogs for sale from Let’s Be Frank
• Beer!
• Pie!
• Stacks and stacks of Slake No. 3 for sale