Monday, August 23, 2010

22nd Century Electro MAN!

Electronic versions of EMPTY The SUN are available to DOWNLOAD NOW!

That's right. The amazing Six Organs of Admittance EMPTY THE SUN album is now available on iTunes and as an MP3 Album on

Jam it all over your iPOD, iPHONE, iPAD, i-EVERYTHING!!!

Yep. EMPTY THE SUN, the acclaimed novel by Joseph Mattson, is also NOW available to download in eBook form onto your Amazon Kindle AND your iPad!!!

Take what RAIN TAXI REVIEW OF BOOKS calls "an unquestioned feast of language...packed with witty, subtle dialogue and cascades of bold, apropos descriptions" everywhere you go!

"Were you to underline every jaw-dropping, humorous, or incredulous line contained in this gem of a book, your pencil would run out of lead halfway through"--now you can forget the pencil and bookmark the magic on your electro-gadgets ASAP.

Barnacle Books loves ya.