Tuesday, July 27, 2010

EMPTY THE SUN: Finalist for the 2010 SCIBA Fiction Award

It is our great honor to announce that Empty the Sun is a finalist for the 2010 SCIBA Awards. This is an especially huge personal honor for Mattson, particularly humbling because the nomination process involves peers: Authors, Independent Bookstores/Booksellers, Publishers, Agents, Publicists, Reps, etc.--peers across the spectrum of the book industry, with the actual voting process exclusive to independent bookstores/booksellers, our countrymen/women in the trenches doing it for the sheer and inglorious love of books. The first round of voting was out of 25 books nominated, voted down to just three finalists, which includes ETS. Winners are announced on October 23rd at the 2010 SCIBA Author's Feast.

Thanks a cool mill for the support, Southern California: thee mainline-the-word-hard-highway literary capita/ol of the Wild West and America as a whole!