Friday, July 10, 2009

ETS production + forthcoming Mattson novels!

Hey there,

Thanks to all of you out there who keep slamming us via the Interweb with interest in Empty the Sun. Here's the score: due out November 3rd, 2009, and the vinyl version will be LIMITED to 1000, with no plans to repress it! The paperback version will be a marked first edition.

Mattson is back in the cave, scrawling away on two novels for 2010: Courting the Jaguar and Hexico. If Empty the Sun can be easily described as a shotgun fight with God, then Jaguar concernes immaculate conception in the Amazon jungle, and Hexico transexuality vs. reimagined borderland--wherein though it's the modern day, the U.S. annex of Mexico never happened and the border isn't the desert, it's the entire continental divide--lay down on the high road from the Salton Sea with an ear full of blood.