Friday, November 2, 2007

SHOW Nov. 15th, downtown L.A.

I'll be reading/performing at an Arthur Magazine/Ovrcast Prod. show on Thursday, Nov. 15th at 9pm, at 1269 E. 6th St., downtown--Dave's Warehouse, a showspace/gallery (artist Shepard Fairey's [OBEY/GIANT] studio). I'll be opening for bands: Citay and Sea of Air.

**I do beleive this might be the LAST reading I'm going to do before the book comes out. Xtra whiskey, please...

**I should have some extra SUPER LIMITED EDITION (only 148 copies in existence!) "Proem to Empty the Sun" Six Organs of Admittance CDs with me! Will BEN CHASNY or STEVE RUECKER be there with me, who knows? BUT--catch Six Organs at AMOEBA Hollywood the next day on Nov. 16th for a RARE solo acoustic performance!